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In 1983  the Rigo Company created a subsidiary which has grown to be the police designer sunglasses brand. De Rigo did actually start its life as a designer and manufacturer of sunglasses and regular eyeglasses.

The decision they made back in 1983 to launch the now famous brand Police was indeed very clever marketing.
Through all kinds of media exposure, there was a particular style of sunglasses which reflected the authority and macho style which lots of policemen try to achieve. While working within the boundaries of the police style the intention in of the police brand of sunglasses also included the very best of quality and designs within the fashion sunglass market.

With further great marketing, the police sunglasses brand evolved and grew. By 1997 the inaugural line of police brand fragrances were released to the public. The world was exposed to a great and very sensual line of fragrances. In 2003, Police Watches made their debut.

Attention to Design and Style.

Natural evolution and good marketing saw the police brand evolve and grow. All the while the executives at Police stayed true to creating an exclusive and sought after brand. That was the winning formula and hit a nerve with consumers who could identify with the Police theme.
Designer police sunglasses and the perfume range continued to be regarded as designer items through the early 80s.

The police sunglasses range stayed true to the police companies core values. They continued to provide innovative and interesting sunglasses to the consumer market. Once the Police sunglasses for men range was established and was able to be identified by consumers, the leather wear range was introduced to complement the already successful sunglasses range.

Since the sunglasses range was so successful, Police concentrated on all the accessories which could go with the glasses range. That included jewelery, apparel and other consumer items.

Keeping Up With Fashion Trends.

Each season when the new range of police sunglasses are released they are usually labeled as trendy with that certain nonconformist style. The company continues to have that single vision, which is to provide clients with their own stylish and innovative look.

All designer clothing and accessories, including sunglasses get a huge boost to sales and popularity when their product is seen on celebrities or sports stars. Some well-known actors such as Bruce Willis and George Clooney have been involved in promoting police sunglasses. Sports stars like David Beckham too is a fan of police eyeware.

Associating Police Sunglasses with Celebrities.

In all of their advertising the police Company choose the celebrities they use for their image, sense of style and overall attitude.
The marketing effort is usually targeted at a younger more fashionable audience and the police sunglasses range is more popular with the social elite and the young professionals. For all that, they are popular across all age groups and all genders. They have now branched out into the children’s designer sunglasses market.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you choose authentic police eyewear began to get a high quality well-designed product, which will identify you as a fashion savvy person. Apart from making a fashion statement, you’ll know you are getting a quality product constructed from the very best materials and one which will provide protections for those UV rays all that blinding snow glare.

 UV Protection And Sunglasses

UV Scale Police Sunglasses

To choose the correct pair of sunglasses for yourself is important. That’s not just talking from a style and fashion perspective. Its’ finding the right pair of police sunglasses to compliment your style, sure, but its also about making sure you get the very best protection for your eyes. Harmful UV light can damage eyes very quickly.

Ultra Violet light is invisible to the human eye. thats why it can be so dangerous and you don’t realise the damage is being done until its basically too late.

Fortunately, technologhy has found an easy and inexpensive way of protectiing your eyes aginst these harmful parts of the light spectrum.
That protection is included by coating the lens with products which exclude UV light and protect your eyes.
More fortunately, every pair of designer police sunglasses has the highest possible level of UV protection built in.

Further Information about Police Sunglasses and Eye protection

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